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Welcome to Orlando Equipment Storage... call us today at 407-342-1960

We are THE spot to store your truck or equipment trailer for only $80 per month!

We provide an outdoor storage solution for your adult toys or work vehicles
We can provide outside storage for large, cumbersome, or just plain ugly commercial vehicles that the local home owner associations will not let you park in the driveway or yard! We offer 24 hour on property security guard, locked gate access, and easy access to all major highways in Central Florida.

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We are conveniently located in East Orlando, at 8300 E Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL  32817  (on highway 50 near the 417 and 408 interchange)
  • $80 move in special
  • 24 hour security guard
  • Locked gate with key
  • 24/7 customer access
  • Near 408 and 417 interchange
  • Over 15 acres outdoor storage
  • Few choice covered spots
  • Motorcycle parking spaces
  • Boat storage lots
  • RV storage lots
  • Tractor-trailer storage
  • Easy pull in and out
  • Fenced and secure complex
  • Adult toy storage
  • Helicopter storage
  • Airplane storage
  • Jet ski storage
  • Equipment trailer storage
  • Landscaper trailer storage
  • Tree trimmer truck storage

We offer Commercial Vehicle Storage for:

Boats and RV Storage
We have tons of room to pull straight in and straight out with a few choice covered spots available...

Tractor-trailer Storage
Our lot is large enough to pull big rigs right in with a gentle and wide u-turn out...

commercial vehicle storage here
Landscaper Trailer Storage
We are a landscape supply company who caters to the local landscaping community...
Adult Toy Storage
We have lots of room for jet skis, hover craft, helicopters, or planes with a few choice covered spots still available...
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